Saturday, July 14, 2012

Train Playboard for Ezra

This train playboard was Christmas present for Ezra that I made for Christmas 2010. I know... I know... It's so long ago. But it's worth telling.

Did I make it myself? I designed it, yes. But my carpenters & sticker guy at my workshop did most of the works. First I made the pattern for the board.

I printed it in 1:1 scale so the carpenter could cut using the template. We used  plywood & melamine board.

Then I made the image to be printed & applied on the board. I used CorelDRAW software (I'm not good in Photoshop). The first image - which was the scenery - was to be applied on general board, while the second image - which was the train track - was to be applied on the track that's 3mm lower than the general board. (Did you get what I'm saying? I'm really not good in explaining things)

And this was how it came out:

To make it more fun, my husband added some details.

We bought the red bridge construction at Daisho for IDR 22.000 (Yes the price at Daisho was 22.000 at that time, now is 27.500).

The traffic light was actually a topper for candy packaging. It's a good way to recycle it right? If you pressed the button behind it, it would light the red light on the top. If you pressed again, it would light the green light, and so on.

The black & white crane was my nephew's broken toy. My husband rescued it and repainted it.

Although Ezra has his Thomas & Friends No. 1 Mega Playset, this playboard was great for travelling. We always bring it for trip to grandma's house and for him to play at hotels so he doesn't get bored.

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