Monday, November 28, 2011

Ezra's Birthday @ Catch My Party

Today, Ezra's Thomas the Tank Engine birthday party is Catch My Party's "Party of the Day":

View Ezra's birthday party in detail here. :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ezra's Thomas the Tank Engine birthday party

I feel soooooooo guilty. Guilty for not updating my blog for 6 months (That's half a year! I'm a bad bad blogger). And moreover very very guilty for not posting my son's birthday party that should've been posted last July.

It was his 3rd birthday and the theme was Thomas the Tank Engine, his favorite blue train, but in more rustic way. Honestly we didn't have enough time to prepare it. There were some flaws here and there, but Ezra didn't mind coz he wasn't old enough to understand anyway.

This is the dessert table...

Did you see that something was missing? Yes! The lasagna! I was quite furious when the lasagna in cups weren't delivered on time. And when they did came, my hubby didn't have time to take full picture of the dessert table. So I'm quite dissapointed that my dessert table was not qualified as one.

Anyway, it's not a dessert table to be exact, coz it had some savories on it: lasagna in cups & some chicken sandwich. Fortunately the lasagna was a hit. It was very yummy that the fact that it was late, didn't really bother me at the end. I ordered the lasagna from Manna Gracia by the way. I still recommend it for it's lassagna taste. For the sandwich, I made them myself (whole wheat bread, chicken ham, green cucumber & mayo).

Move on to sweets. The center piece was a master piece by Pearly Cakes. This cake was wonderfull, both in design (look at the details!) and taste.

And offcourse these adorable cupcakes...

The funny story is... Peggy (the sweet lady behind Pearly Cakes) was actually my highschool mate! She was in the same year with me in Loyola College Semarang, but coz we never were in the same class, we didn't really know each other. It's a small world afterall.

I also ordered some cookies form Cinnamon Cake. Mba Nani also did a great job for Kanaya's princess cookies before...

The lollipop was ofcourse from Fantasy. The others were just some popcorn, chocolate milk & fruits in skewers.

I placed the goodie bags beside the dessert table. I thought the whistles were nice little touch for the simple paper bags.

I happened to have some time to did some prop for photo booth (or for the kids to simply take picture with, coz there was no particular place for the photo booth).

The big hits for the kids offcourse were the toys that we rented. There were slide, tunnel, bowling game & swing animal.

Ezra had so much fun. He was super excited to found out that his house became a playground. He didn't care how hot it was. He just climbed, slided, crawled inside the tunnel, running around until his hair and clothes were soaking wet with his sweat, his face was all red from heat & excitement. I'm glad that he was happy and that's the most important thing for me.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Inspiration Award

My second award... Thanks to myurbey & dePerta... :)

This is what I have to do:

1.Thank and link back to the person that awarded this to you.
2.Give the award to 10 blogs which are all inspiring in their own ways. ie. fashion, religious, random, islam/religion.

1. Done above
2. I'm giving this award for inspiring blogs below:
    - Tarlen from Design by Vitarlenology
    - Puri from Ideku Handmade
    - Ojan from Blogojan 
    - Mba Mei from Oma Anna 
    - Mba Ina from Feathering a Nest
    - Mba Arum from Fabris Fame
    - Amelia from Amelia Saga
    - Mba Fitri from Griya Hobi FitriaA  
    - Andriani from Hayano Handmade
    - Imel from Sewstories

Actually I have more than 10 on the list... :) 

"Let the path be open to talent." (Napoleon Bonaparte)

Have a nice day... :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

April celebration

I'm quite disappointed to find out that Kanaya's school didn't have Kartini day celebration. And she was disappointed coz didn't get to dress up as little Kartini.

But I found these photos of her wearing traditional clothes on Kartini day...

This is when she was 3yo, for her Kindy school Kartini fashion competition & she actually won the second place & got her very first trophy.

And this one was 5yo, for her school's Kartini day party.

I guess the school didn't have it this year coz it's overlapped with Easter holiday. I told Kanaya to do some digital art with Easter theme to post at this blog. She's been learning Photoshop & Corel Draw since she was 3yo. This is what she came up with for Easter...

Although is a bit too late now, still I have to say:

Happy Kartini day 
Happy Easter (for those who celebrate) !!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Love lace... & buttons...

I made these long long time ago...

Lace & button necklace

Lace & button cuff

They inspired me to make some shabby chic romantic bows for this spring (kinda late, I know...). Hopefully I can make time to create it...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kanaya's Birthday @ Catch My Party

Today, Kanaya's princess birthday party is Catch My Party's "Party of the Day":

View kanaya's birthday party in detail here.

Have a nice day... :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kanaya's princess birthday party

The party was last Saturday... Did some of the stuffs in very last minute, but I'm quite happy with the way it turned out.

This is the little "dessert bar"...

Cupcakes from Cupkeiks. The cupcake toppers were designed & printed by myself... :)

Cookies by Cinnamon Cake. I love the shapes (dresses, shoes, crowns & magic wands) & the emboss texture that Mba Nani Selian did for the icing. You can see more detailed picture here. Great job Mba Nani... :)

Love the Chinese take away boxes from Kinderplay. I printed the "please fill me" label & put the ribbon myself. The girls loved filling these with anything on the table.

The girls decorated crown headbands while waiting for other girls to come. I made them using glittered crown shaped thick paper that attached to colorful headband using felt. I bought some mobile phone stickers so the girls can stick the embellishment without glue mess.

I put some make up (just a little eye shadow, blush & lip gloss) on each girl at the "beauty bar". Each also got a princess tattoo. The girls loved to be pampered that way... The beauty bar located in Kanaya's room on her dressing/ study table.

The blue traincase on the right had the goodie bags for the girls to choose & fill with any dress up items on the table. There are magic wand pencils, sily bandz & tattoos & hair bows.

I put some prizes for the games on the tray too. There are couple of little mirrors, polkadot hairbows & beaded bracelet made by Kanaya.

Look at those sticker tattoos... aren't they cute? The girls couldn't wait to have them on their arms.

The birthday girl in a copy of Giselle's curtain dress from Enchanted the movie...

We didn't have any photo booth, but I decided to turn Kanaya's bedroom wall into one. Her bedroom has purple & torquise color wall with tree & birds decal that I made.

The look at the girls' faces were priceless. What I want the most is that Kanaya had a good time with her friends on her birthday. And she did...