Monday, July 29, 2013

Ezra's Air Force birthday party

The theme was taken from Ezra's existing collection of some vintage US Air Force airplanes.

The dessert table:



Cake by: Cupcake Rocks
Red velvet & chocolate cupcakes, globe cakepops, & cloud cookies by my dearest friend Lili.

The food:

Bento by my dearest friend Angela
Mini hotdog by Rumah Asap

The favors:

Cake in jars & cloud cookies by my dearest friend Lili
World map drawstring bag by Smootcloth

The activity:


Pinata by Sedia Pinata
Paper garrison cap for little pilots & nurses made by myself based on this tutorial

The proud birthday boy in Air Force wearpack :):

 Happy birthday Ezra... Papa, Mama & Kakak Kanaya love you very much...