Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ezra's birthday's "Party of the Day' @ Catch My Party

Late post... Ezra's Air Force birthday party made it to "Party of the Day" at Catch My Party on last Monday... Yay!!

Read more about Ezra's Air Force birthday party here :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Ezra's Air Force birthday party

The theme was taken from Ezra's existing collection of some vintage US Air Force airplanes.

The dessert table:



Cake by: Cupcake Rocks
Red velvet & chocolate cupcakes, globe cakepops, & cloud cookies by my dearest friend Lili.

The food:

Bento by my dearest friend Angela
Mini hotdog by Rumah Asap

The favors:

Cake in jars & cloud cookies by my dearest friend Lili
World map drawstring bag by Smootcloth

The activity:


Pinata by Sedia Pinata
Paper garrison cap for little pilots & nurses made by myself based on this tutorial

The proud birthday boy in Air Force wearpack :):

 Happy birthday Ezra... Papa, Mama & Kakak Kanaya love you very much...

Friday, April 12, 2013

Kanaya's Birthday @ Apartment Therapy

Couple days ago, I got a surprise: an email from Dabney Frake said that Kanaya's birthday party would be on Apartment Therapy's Family channel on Friday!

I was so thrilled and almost cried.

For the story on Apartment Therapy, you can check here. For the complete story and photos on this blog, you can check here.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lionel's motorcycle birthday favors

Many birthdays happened last February. Kanaya's, my hubby's, our anniversary, and Lionel's.

Lionel is my dear friend Maria's son, who turned 4 last February. He's so crazy about motorcycle so it became the theme. So I did this for Maria:

Paper bag, coloring book and crayons. Ordered the paper bag from meihuazone (plain orange), and filled plastic with Maped crayons. I did some last minute printables for the paper bag stickers, coloring books and crayon labels.

Maria also ordered cupcakes (from our friend Lili) & chocolate lolly (from Maria's friend) with my printables on it.

So, here is the complete set:

Shabby chic accessories organizer

Before I say anything, I better apologize for being more consumed with my Instagram and nearly abandoning my blog. Yes Instagram is so much fun... Anyway follow my Instagram @moshethings and you'll find more of my recent activities there.

Back to the title... about 2 years ago, I went to Informa & Ace Hardware's big sale and found a broken bathroom vanity mirror. The mirror has gone and only the vanity frame was left, and I bought it for IDR 100,000.- (about US$10). Not long ago, after keeping it for 2 years,  I turned it into this:

It became Kanaya's accessories organizer. To store her necklaces, bracelets, & hair bows. Not bad considering it looked like this before:

I told my workshop to add wire mesh on the door & at the back panel, painted it white and it turned into a shabby chic piece. I love restoring...