Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Amy Butler fabric

Finally I own some Amy Butler fabric. This already came weeks ago from my purchase from Tin Thimble's Etsy shop.

The one the left is Daisy Bouquet in turquoise from Daisy Chain Collection. On the right is Bliss Bouquet from LOVE Collection. They look way better IRL... :)

WIP: Kanaya's birthday party - part 3

Bad news... Kanaya is really ill at this moment. It's been more than 1 week. The doctor suggested a bedrest. Hope she will be OK before her birthday. So I work from home & manage to finish some things for her birthday that's on this Saturday! You might want to see part 1 & part 2 too...
Done the printables...
Done the fabric bunting...

It's time to make the crowns for the girls to decorate... but I haven't got the right paper yet... panic...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

WIP: Kanaya's birthday party - part 2

Finally, I've finished making the goodie bags for Kanaya's birthday that's coming up. As you see in part 1, the color would be blue, pink & purple. I tried to make everything handmade & try so hard not to buy any new supply & use things that are already in my craft drawer... )

What will be inside the bags? Since the theme is about dressing up princess party, so everything is about dressing up & being pretty...

I can't resist the crown applique & the crown ribbon listed on eBay, coz they're all so perfect for the favors. I made them + my plain grossgrain ribbon into these princess hairbows.

A princess is not a princess without a magic wand...

They're actually wooden pencils with felt pencil toppers. So after the party, the girls can use them as stationary. Do you know that they're my first felt project ever? I'm sure you can tell... :)

And look at what I found: princess set silly bandz. The shapes are perfect to go with images that I did for the cupcake toppers, & also with the cookies that I've ordered.

I wish the crown silly bandz came in lighter/ aqua blue color. It would be more perfect... I will pack 3 or maybe 4 for each girl.

There would be only 5 girls invited... yet I still have a lot to do: make the crowns for the decorating-the-crown activity, design more printables, etc. Hope I can finish them on time... Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Toscaberries = the yummiest berries

Believe it or not, I didn't have any pin cushion, although it actually became one of my necessity. I use needles a lot... So imagine how happy I was when winning this giveaway: yummy pin cushion from my friend Regina from Toscaberries.

Thanks to Regina... the pin cushion helps me a lot. Especially with the WIP of my daughter's birthday party that's coming soon. And look at the cute little hairpin, my daughter loves it so much...

Love you heaps, Regina... :) XXOO

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WIP: Kanaya's birthday party - part 1

My daughter's 8th birthday is coming soon this end of February. We are doing princess theme this time. Not Disney Princess, just general princess, with something like dressing up activities going on.

Only 5 girls are invited: her 4 best friends from school & 1 cousin (she only has 1 girl cousin in this city). Yes, we decided not to have it big. We've done big before: 30 peoples at fast food restaurant on her 4th birthday. But this time we want it more exclusive (thanks to my friend Junita from Kinderplay for the exclusive idea).

I'm doing the goodie bags myself, will post them when they're finished. So far I've designed the cupcake toppers & the invitation.

As you see the theme color will be blue, purple & pink. Her dress will be a copy of Giselle curtain dress from Enchanted the movie. The dressmaker hasn't finished the dress yet. Oooh, I can't wait to see it & post the photo here...