Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WIP: Kanaya's birthday party - part 1

My daughter's 8th birthday is coming soon this end of February. We are doing princess theme this time. Not Disney Princess, just general princess, with something like dressing up activities going on.

Only 5 girls are invited: her 4 best friends from school & 1 cousin (she only has 1 girl cousin in this city). Yes, we decided not to have it big. We've done big before: 30 peoples at fast food restaurant on her 4th birthday. But this time we want it more exclusive (thanks to my friend Junita from Kinderplay for the exclusive idea).

I'm doing the goodie bags myself, will post them when they're finished. So far I've designed the cupcake toppers & the invitation.

As you see the theme color will be blue, purple & pink. Her dress will be a copy of Giselle curtain dress from Enchanted the movie. The dressmaker hasn't finished the dress yet. Oooh, I can't wait to see it & post the photo here...


  1. ooh Ya Allah Keren bangeeet! nanti ada dessert table kan? bisa di kirim ke aku yah nanti di feature?? trus yang DIY boleh dishare di blog juga? what a great idea!

  2. Junita... wah tersanjung banget kalo bisa difeature di Kinderplay... :) Boleh banget... Nanti bakalan ada desert table juga (lumayan ambisius lah buat project ini, hehe). Tapi masih tgl 26 nanti kok...

  3. Mba,buatnya pakai program apa ? trus gambar sepatu sama istana dapat dari mana? Share dunks ilmunya

  4. @Melly, aduh sorry ya udah lama gak ngurusin blog jadi gak tau kalo ada comment. Aku buatnya pake program Corel Draw jeng Melly. Kalo gambar sepatu dapet dari googling siluet sepatu, trus aku trace pake corel itu. Kalo gambar istananya bikin dulu pake AutoCAD trus diimport ke Corel... :) Semoga membantu...