Thursday, December 16, 2010

My first award !!!

Oooh... I'm so thrilled when my fellow crafter mba Fitri from Griya Hobi Fitriaa surprised me with this wonderful award:

Thank you so so much mba Fitri... kiss kiss hug hug... :)

accepting this award, i am asked to do the following:
1. thank and link to the person who awarded me this award.
2. share 8 things about myself.
3. pay it forward to 8 bloggers that i have recently discovered.
4. contact those blogger and tell them about their awards.

Now... lets see 8 things about myself... Hmmmm...
1. My family is my number one priority...
2. I love to eat... almost anything... from sweet to savoury, from East to West, from raw to well done... (no wonder it's so hard for me to loose weight :(...
3. But... I can't really cook... :P
4. I love shabby, rustic and sometimes raw-industrial-style thing...
5. But... doesn't mean that I like things dirty... :) I'm almost hygiene freak...
6. I love love love crime TV series (with lots of blood in it): Dexter, CSI, Bones, etc.
7. I sleep really late...
8. I'm not cool at all, I'm emotional...

And... I'm so happy to share this award to my beloved bloggers:
1. Toscaberries
2. Akush Abam
3. Tamimi
4. Myria Rafiz
5. Shizuoka
6. Polaku
7. Ndandut
8. Kandhitarechta

Nothing beats the great feeling of sharing... :D

Note: also big thanks for Tarlen from Design by Vitarlenology & Puri from Ideku Handmade for passing the same award to me... Love you Tarlen & Puri.. :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ribbon choices for pinwheel hair bows

Many of my beloved customers often ask whether I can make customized pinwheel bows with other choices of ribbon pattern. The answer is YES. This post will show ribbon choices for pinwheel hair bows. They are 7/8" (2,2cm)  to 1" (2,5cm) wide. Please mention the ribbon code when you order.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bee & bug fan

Just received these photos from Lina. Meet her daughter Angie, one of Garden Series fans. She's wearing both bee and bug hair bow at the same time... :) Isn't she adorable?

 Thanks for the cute photos, Lina... :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Tanya Whelan & Joel Dewberry's fabrics

These fabrics have been sitting in the rack for so long.

The bottom stack is Dolce series by Tanya Whelan.
The birds on the fabric are perfect for my daughter's bird-themed-bedroom. I've made patterns for a bed quilt and 2 pillow cases. Just haven't got time to actually cut and sew.

The top stack consists of 2 fabrics of Deer Valley in Persimmon by Joel Dewberry.
The one the left is absolutely my favorite. It's called Antler Damask in Sky color. Isn't it gorgeous? The one on the right is Meadow Lace in Persimmon. I planned to use them for pillow cases for my daybed at my office, but I might change my plan. Still not sure what to use them for.

Surely they are too gorgeous to be abandoned like that. So I have to start doing something with them. Hopefully I will post some WIP soon... :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Vitarlenology notebook

This came couple days ago:
Soo happy when I opened the package and found this gorgeous notebook that I purchased from Design by Vitarlenology. It's way better IRL than in the photo. Love the fabric pattern & color, and love the classic binding.

My daughter - who loves stationary and anything pretty - thinks that she must have one too. So, I will definitely buy another one... :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Paper bag owl

This is my daughter's last Halloween craft. I should have posted it last week, but work was in my way.
Actually we've already made one like this when my daughter was about 3 years old. We were inspired by one episode from Barney, I think it was about Halloween party where they made paper bag owl, paper spider, etc. My daughter was cleaning her drawer when she found her old paper bag owl. It was dusty, torn here and there, color faded, basically ruined. So, we decided to make one again. And the timing was perfect coz it was couple of days before Halloween.

I always keep brown paper bags from places I shop: Starbucks, The Body Shop, etc. I reuse them for storing my fresh herbs. This time we turn it into a sleepy owl. Yes, you can see that it's sleepy, coz we made it during the day :) The ears, eyes, beak and wings are made of plain printing paper decorated using markers. Kids can play with it as hand puppet, by sticking their hand inside the bag. Or you can simply use it for Halloween decoration or an idea for kids activities in Halloween party. Great to teach them that recycling is fun... :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Garden Series hair bow - dragonflies

Dragonflies loves to be in the garden too... :) Total dimension: 6cmx7cm. Price IDR 22.900,- (updated January 2013)

fruit punch dragonfly
rainbow stars dragonfly

raindrops dragonfly

Garden Series hair bow - bee & bug

Here are other lovely insect in the garden: buzzing bee and sweet ladybug.

Bee. With organza ribbon for the wings. Total dimension: 4.5cmx4.5cm. Price: IDR 22.900,- (updated January 2013)

Lady bug. Total dimension: 2cmx4.5cm. Price: IDR 19.900,- (updated January 2013)

Garden Series hair bow - butterflies

Butterfly is certainly the most beautiful insect in the garden. Total dimension: 6.5cmx5.5cm. Price: IDR 24.900,- (updated January 2013)

fruit punch butterfly

freshwater butterfly

pink flower butterfly - SOLD

Garden Series hair bow - flowers

Finally, I get to launch the Garden Series hair bow... :) There's no garden without flowers, isn't there? So here are the flowers:
Poppy in fuschia. Total dimension: 6cmx4.5cm. Price: IDR 17.900,- (updated January 2013)

Primrose in orange - fuschia - yellow. Total dimension: 6cmx4.5cm. Price IDR 19.900,- (updated January 2013)

Hyacinth in lilac. Total dimension: 7cmx4.5cm. Price IDR 19.900,- (updated January 2013)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


If you see some crochet center pieces on my hair bows and wonder whether I make them myself or not, the answer is no. I got those yummy crochets from Crochetlicious by Raissa Ang. Visit her online shop and you'll find yummy yummy rainbow color crochet in many shape: flower, fruits, animal, etc. You can even custom order your own design.

Some of my works using her crochets:

Soon (maybe in couple of days...) I will launch "Garden Series", my new series of hair bow. Some of them will use Raissa Ang's pretty crochets. So stay tune... :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some of Kanaya's drawings

My daughter (Kanaya, 7 years old) loves to draw, everywhere and anytime she can find the tools to do it. At home while watching TV she would draw on white printing paper I bring home from work, or basically any paper that's around her. When she visits my office she would draw on the whiteboard in the meeting room. When we eat out in a restaurant she would draw on the paper plate mat.

Here are some of her work from last week:

This one is my favourite (at least for her last week work):

What do you think?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spring bouquet hair bow - SOLD

A spring bouquet hair bow will freshen your girl's hair instantly. Boutique bow made of grosgrain ribbons, curly korker ribbons for center piece. Total dimension: 12cmx9cm. Price: IDR 49.900,-.

Blueberry muffin hair bow

This blueberry muffin is not only for breakfast, it's great for many occasion... Boutique bow made of grosgrain ribbons, curly korker ribbons for center piece. Total dimension: 12.5cmx9.5cm. Price: IDR 54.900,-.

Blue carnation hair bow

Carnation is symbol of fascination and love, so it will be perfect as a gift for your loved one. Boutique bow made of grosgrain ribbons, curly korker ribbons for center piece. Total dimension: 11cmx9cm. Price: IDR 49.900,-

Grapevine hair bow

The grapevine bow looks so fresh & juicy... Stacked pinwheel bows made of grosgrain ribbons. Total dimension: 10.5cmx9cm. Price: IDR 49.900,-

Layered medium pinwheel hair bows

2 layer of ribbons in different width will add sophistication in pinwheel bows. Total dimension: 7.5cmx6cm each. Come in pairs, price: IDR 29.900,-/ pair (updated January 2013)

chocolate mint (with korker ribbon) - SOLD

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stripe medium pinwheel hair bows

More medium pinwheel bows... This time they're made out of stripey grosgrain ribbon. It's quite hard to find stripe grosgrain ribbon in Indonesia, so I have to buy the ribbon from US. Note that the stripe ribbon is thicker and has better quality than the polka dot ribbon. Total dimension: 7cmx5cm each. Come in pairs, price: IDR 27.900,-/ pair (updated January 2013)

blue brown stripe
green brown stripe

Polka dot medium pinwheel hair bows

What I like about pinwheel bow is that it's so versatile. It looks pretty by itself without being stacked, simple yet sophisticated. Here are some that made out of polka dot grosgrain ribbon. They're very simple that even an adult can wear them... :). Total dimension: 7.5cmx5cm each. Come in pairs, price: IDR 24.900,-/ pair (updated January 2013)

red green polka - SOLD
pink fuschia polka
black white polka

Friday, October 15, 2010

What you need to know about our hair bows

Our hair bow mostly made out of grosgrain ribbons. Some, especially the large ones, are added with center pieces such as crochets and buttons. Each has 3.3cm length alligator pin attached at the back, that look like this:

From my experience with my daughter's hair, this alligator pin is the best pin to secure hair bow to kid's hair. If you want other type of pins, please don't hesitate to contact me prior your purchase. Thank you...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Watermelon crush hair bow - SOLD

This bow will cheer up your little fruit lover... Boutique bow made of grosgrain ribbon, crochet watermelon slice as center piece. Total dimension: 10.5cmx9cm. Price: IDR 49.900,-.

Pretty sailor hair bow

Your girl will look pretty on her beach vacation with this nautical style hair bow. Boutique bow made of grosgrain ribbon. Total dimension: 11.5cmx9cm. Price: IDR 44.900,-

Lemon squash hair bow

Have a fresh lemon squash to cool your summer... Boutique bow made of grosgrain ribbon, crochet lemon slice for center piece. Total dimension: 10.5cmx9.5cm. Price: IDR 49.900,-

Lavender breeze hair bow

Lavender and blue color, perfect for a calm, airy day. Boutique bow made of grosgrain ribbons, crochet flower and little button for center piece. Total dimension: 12cmx9cm. Price: IDR 49.900,-