Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Paper bag owl

This is my daughter's last Halloween craft. I should have posted it last week, but work was in my way.
Actually we've already made one like this when my daughter was about 3 years old. We were inspired by one episode from Barney, I think it was about Halloween party where they made paper bag owl, paper spider, etc. My daughter was cleaning her drawer when she found her old paper bag owl. It was dusty, torn here and there, color faded, basically ruined. So, we decided to make one again. And the timing was perfect coz it was couple of days before Halloween.

I always keep brown paper bags from places I shop: Starbucks, The Body Shop, etc. I reuse them for storing my fresh herbs. This time we turn it into a sleepy owl. Yes, you can see that it's sleepy, coz we made it during the day :) The ears, eyes, beak and wings are made of plain printing paper decorated using markers. Kids can play with it as hand puppet, by sticking their hand inside the bag. Or you can simply use it for Halloween decoration or an idea for kids activities in Halloween party. Great to teach them that recycling is fun... :)


  1. cute owl ;D jadi sayang nih mau buang kertasnya

  2. Iya mbak fitria... kalo ada paper bag bekas, jangan dibuang ya... Kalo ada ide kreatif bisa dipake. :)