Monday, July 29, 2013

Ezra's Air Force birthday party

The theme was taken from Ezra's existing collection of some vintage US Air Force airplanes.

The dessert table:



Cake by: Cupcake Rocks
Red velvet & chocolate cupcakes, globe cakepops, & cloud cookies by my dearest friend Lili.

The food:

Bento by my dearest friend Angela
Mini hotdog by Rumah Asap

The favors:

Cake in jars & cloud cookies by my dearest friend Lili
World map drawstring bag by Smootcloth

The activity:


Pinata by Sedia Pinata
Paper garrison cap for little pilots & nurses made by myself based on this tutorial

The proud birthday boy in Air Force wearpack :):

 Happy birthday Ezra... Papa, Mama & Kakak Kanaya love you very much...


  1. Happy bday Ezraaa!

    Cookiesnya cute banget bentuk awan.
    Mainan pesawat yang diatas cake juga vintage banget deh! Totaly cool party!

  2. Makasih ya tante Darina :) Kutunggu juga DT2-mu yg cakep2 yaa ....

  3. Alamak bagus banget mom, excited banget pasti tuh teman2nya :)
    luv your party idea ^_^

  4. Makasih ya @Nita Af. Sorry baru liat commentnya :)

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  6. Thema nya sangat kreatif dan menarik ,, suka banget jadi pengen punya baby boy biar bisa niru thema ultahnya :D