Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kanaya's princess birthday party

The party was last Saturday... Did some of the stuffs in very last minute, but I'm quite happy with the way it turned out.

This is the little "dessert bar"...

Cupcakes from Cupkeiks. The cupcake toppers were designed & printed by myself... :)

Cookies by Cinnamon Cake. I love the shapes (dresses, shoes, crowns & magic wands) & the emboss texture that Mba Nani Selian did for the icing. You can see more detailed picture here. Great job Mba Nani... :)

Love the Chinese take away boxes from Kinderplay. I printed the "please fill me" label & put the ribbon myself. The girls loved filling these with anything on the table.

The girls decorated crown headbands while waiting for other girls to come. I made them using glittered crown shaped thick paper that attached to colorful headband using felt. I bought some mobile phone stickers so the girls can stick the embellishment without glue mess.

I put some make up (just a little eye shadow, blush & lip gloss) on each girl at the "beauty bar". Each also got a princess tattoo. The girls loved to be pampered that way... The beauty bar located in Kanaya's room on her dressing/ study table.

The blue traincase on the right had the goodie bags for the girls to choose & fill with any dress up items on the table. There are magic wand pencils, sily bandz & tattoos & hair bows.

I put some prizes for the games on the tray too. There are couple of little mirrors, polkadot hairbows & beaded bracelet made by Kanaya.

Look at those sticker tattoos... aren't they cute? The girls couldn't wait to have them on their arms.

The birthday girl in a copy of Giselle's curtain dress from Enchanted the movie...

We didn't have any photo booth, but I decided to turn Kanaya's bedroom wall into one. Her bedroom has purple & torquise color wall with tree & birds decal that I made.

The look at the girls' faces were priceless. What I want the most is that Kanaya had a good time with her friends on her birthday. And she did...


  1. seru banget ulang tahunnya, happy b'day kanaya....u'r mom had a realy great job

  2. waaaw..sweet banget temanya mbak,,
    hebat mamanya kanaya !!
    happy bday y buat kanay ^^

  3. ooooh so pretty! ^^
    happy belated bday kanaya, such a lucky girl you are having a super creative mom :)

    seneng yaa punya anak cewek, mamanya bisa ikutan jadi princess hehe..
    itu pohonnya kereen.. stiker dipotong n disambung2 gitu ya?

  4. Sari, makasih ucapannya...

    Ina, makasih ya... Iya itu sticker oracal biasa warna coklat & ijo, dicutting pake mesin cutting. Kalo burungnya dicetak di sticker trus dipotong manual... :)

    Gambar pohonmu juga bagus bangetttt... aku suka...

  5. ohhh my... waht a birthday party... seru banget mbak, pengen jadi temennya kanaya,hihi... serrrru abiiis :)

  6. Aww, nice party, mana niy katanya mau di feature? Very creative mom, luv the frame!

  7. ahhh mama kanaya pintarrrr *teteup! akhirnya aku liat kamarnya kanaya:D sabar ya mbaaa... hahaha masi inget kok ma janjiku:D

  8. indeed the luckiest princess in the whole world!! the princesses posed with their tattoos is cracking me up! so cute!

  9. semuaaaaa yg ada di postingan ini sungguhlah CUTE and PRETTY! (^_^) Pasti temen2nya Kanaya terkagum2 setengah tak percaya waktu denger bahwa mama-nya lah yg membuat semua dekorasi dan printilan cantik itu...

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  10. @ mba aphrodita cemprut, makasih ya... :)

    @ Junita, makasih featurenya... BTW, frame di belakang dessert table itu bed headboard Kanaya... :)

    @ Regina, iya mana janjinya... :) Padahal aku juga blom kasih hadiah buat ultah Regina... :(

    @ Babalisme, thankyou... I love your blog, been a follower for a long time.

    @ mba Tyka, makasih mba udah link blogku. Aku link blog mba juga ya...

  11. ya ampun keren bangeeeeeeeett!!! you are soo artsy thanks for following me, i'll follow you back yah ^__^

  12. waaa you're a fantastic mommy!!!

  13. @ sew stories, thank you... aku juga link blog kamu ya... Thanks.

    @ sibebp, *blushing* thanks... Oya abbey necklacenya ditunggu ya... :)