Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Batik for Humanity

I've been a fan of batik for a long time. Even when I studied overseas more than 10 years ago, wearing batik was always made me proud. People over there would say, "Wow... nice fabric. Where are you from?" Then I would told them about how great Indonesia was. It was a pleasure to do, because back then, every news about Indonesia overseas was mostly bad news.

I introduced batik to my kids, since they were babies, especially my daughter Kanaya. I try my best to make them understand their Javanese roots. And batik clothing is the easiest and most fun tool. I was glad that their school decided batik to be a compulsory clothes for Friday.

From all Kanaya's batik clothes, her favorite is this dress from my mom, because it's in her favorite color: purple. I don't have any picture of her in fancy pose with this dress, but I got better ones. Here are pictures of her in the dress when she was helping my mom doing social work for a Posyandu (health care for women & children) for the poor in Semarang. She did easy task: taking notes of the children's weight and height, and passing the healthy food to the children. But oh... she was so happy doing that. And the batik she's wearing seemed appropriate.

It was a very memorable day for Kanaya...

If you love batik as much as we do, you can join Satu Batik Jutaan Jari event by Bodrexin. Bodrexin has this amazing idea of making batik print using our children' finger prints. So go upload your kid's finger prints at Kebaikan Bodrexin or Twitter @tentang kebaikan. I wonder how the batik pattern will turn out. It would be very unique.

Being member of Mommies Daily had given me a lot of useful info about events like this. Besides all resources about children and parenting world, you can see a lot of inspiring children batik outfit there. Check it out...

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