Saturday, March 17, 2012

Restoring old cardboard box with Rolobox

About a year ago (I know took so long for me to review), I bought this Rolobox from eBay.

According to the website, it's a reusable set of wheels and brackets that can be fitted to any cardboard box with the chunky nuts and bolts provided. For me it's simply a wonderful set of cute wheels to make your old cardboard box usable & look better.

I couldn't find a nice box back then, so I used what I found to be a box with decent size and right thickness.

It wasn't hard at all to assemble. It had a very clear instruction on the package, in the website, and even you can find it on You Tube. It's so easy that Ezra could help me (he's 2,5 years old back then).

After tired of pulling it around the house, Ezra decided to make it a storage for his favorite plane & airport toys.

Now, after taking picture of it, I think it's time to change the box. It's quite a wreck now :)

I think a plain cardboard would look better, but... instead of buying a new flawless plain cardboard, it's better to find an old cardboard from your household packaging, and dress it with wrapping paper or something. The point is restoring old things, right?

OK, gotta go looking for boxes... :)

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